Thinking Day On The Air

JSARS is proud to announce that it will be participating in the 2019 Thinking Day On The Air (TDOTA) event.  TDOTA is devoted to linking together Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around world.  More information of TDOTA is available at the TDOTA 2019 web site. In support of the event, JSARS has chosen to activate its stations on Saturday, February 16th, beginning at 9 AM, local time.

This is an excellent opportunity for Girl Scouts to work on the Radio Patch.  A full description of the patch can be obtained at the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) web site. Interested girls and their leaders should visit the ARRL web site for the patch details.  They should also register with the Girl Scouts by sending e-mail to C.Y. Wong, or calling her at (732) 938-5454.  Interested amateur radio operators should e-mail JSARS or call (732) 403-0448.  The event will be held at the JSARS club house, in Riverwood Park, Toms River.  Directions to the site are here.