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February 12, 2015

 February 12, 2015


Meeting called to order 1900hrs


Pledge of Allegiance


Moment of Silence


Roll Call


Minutes of the January meeting accepted by Tom (KD9BVC) and by Pete (K3PMC)


Treasurer’s report: Report given by Darleen (KC2HCW).  Accepted by Brian (WA2FAX) and Lloyd (N2KPC)




The JSARS Spring Hamfest will be April 26th at Riverwood Park. There will be tailgating and indoor spaces. Vendors can arrive at 6am. Buyers can arrive at 8am. The VE session will be at 10am. Weather looks good.

Dayton Hamfest is May 15-17th.


The license has been renewed for NJ2AR---WT3V and W2DOR are set to expire 6/28/2915


V.P. Jim (WA2RPJ) reports the 440 repeater at Lakehurst is not working again, the power amp is not working correctly.

The Packet has been fixed. Thank you to Charlie (N1CRR) and Jim for walking up the stairs in Hangar I, the elevator is still broken.

We have the two new repeaters (the 1st being the one Yaesu gave us) --- The 1st is at the Indian Hill site, and the second will go to Lakehurst as soon as the elevator is fixed.


Thank you to Frank (K2IYE) CheapHam for donating a power supply for the trailer.


Glen and Pete will be attending Maker Day at the Ocean County Library Toms River Branch March 21st , 10am-3pm



February Birthdays were celebrated


Meeting closed 1932hrs – Motion by Frank (K2IYE) and Steve (AC2ST)