Echolink Guidelines

When it was first proposed to add Echolink to the JSARS 91 repeater there were many comments both pro and con. As a result it was decided that when Echolink was added it would be locked down. This was not to keep anyone out, but to make sure it was not turned into a circus that some other repeaters have had. Other members want to promote the use of HF and felt Echolink would be used as a crutch for DX contacts.
It is near impossible to leave Echolink open and restrict those we don't want to have access. It is also impractical to add all club members since many have no desire to use Echolink. For that reason everyone is restricted and an access list is maintained for those that are approved for access.
1)    Echolink on JSARS is for access to the repeater when you are not in RF range.
2)    Echolink access is for JSARS paid up club member use only.
3)    By executive decision non member use MAY be granted on a limited basis.
4)    There is no outgoing connections allowed. It is incoming only.
5)    Failure to follow these guidelines is cause for restriction/removal. 

It is important to understand that Echolink was not added in a locked down fashion to keep people out; it was a compromise between members of the club who did not want to add it and those whom wanted it available.  If you would like to request access please use the "Contact Us" link on the menu to the left and request it.

NJ2AR-R  Node # 290261