Meeting Minutes 02-11-2016

The Minutes of the February 11, 2016 business meeting are as follows:

* Meeting came to order at 7:00PM.

* Pledge and moment of silence, then attendee roll call.

* Valerie Grasso, KC2KGE, has resigned as JSARS Secretary due to health issues. All members thank Valerie for her many years of service to JSARS. Brian Price, WA2FAX, was voted in by the membership present as the new Secretary.

* Approval of the previous meeting minutes by Ricky, KC2VXI and Charlie, N1CRR.

* Approval of the Treasurer's report by Tom, KD9BVC and Frank, K2IYE. Current account balance is $------

* Darleen, KC2HCW, advised that JSARS received written confirmation from the State of New Jersey that the Club's non-profit corporation fee(s) have been paid in full and are up-to-date.

* Old business:

  1. At the suggestion of Frank, K2IYE, the "Spring" hamfest originally planned for April will be pushed out to early May           due to other area clubs existing schedules. Our "Fall" hamfest is still planned for August. Don, K2HCW to firm up dates.

  2. Jim, WA2RJP, announced receipt of a "thank you" letter and a $100.00 donation to JSARS from a lady that Jim helped to sell radio equipment owned by her late family member. The donation will be deposited into the club account.

* New business:

  1. Charlie, N1CRR, presented the January 2016 Traffic Net Report: 688 check-ins, 31 messages, 500 net minutes, and 719 participanrts.

  2. Frank, K2IYE, reminded the membership that the new, tougher Extra exam will be effective July 1, 2016. If anyone is thinking about upgrading, best to study and do it before July 1st.

  3. Ricky, KC2VXI, reports that the FCC has confirmed that they are moving ahead as promised.

   4. Brian, KD2IYG of Jackson was approved and welcomed as a new member of JSARS.

* Meeting adjourned at 7:16PM, approved by Charlie, N!CRR and Tom, KD9BVC.


Brian Price, WA2FAX