Meeting Minutes - April 14th, 2016

The minutes of the April 14, 2016 business meeting are as follows:

* Meeting came to order at 6:50PM.
* Pledge and moment of silence, then attendee roll call.
* Approval of previous meeting minutes by Frank K2IYE and Charlie N1CRR.
* Treasurer's report of account balance of $ approved by Tom KD9BVC and Charlie N1CRR.
* JSARS Spring Hamfest has been finalized for Sunday, June 5th. All details have been posted on our web site.
* As a reminder, Field Day is the weekend of June 25 / 26th. In the past JSARS has participated with inside and outside activities at Riverwood Park. Co-ordinators welcome!
* Charlie N1CRR presented the JSARS Traffic Net results for March:
     check-ins 657
     messages in/out 32/32
     participants 688
     net minutes 574
* We were visited by Rose, widow of Roger N2NWL. She is looking for assistance in removing old radio "stuff" from her home. Don K2HCW has more details.
* Brian NB2H of Waretown was voted in as a new JSARS member.
* Total meeting attendees 29.
* Meeting was adjourned at 7:35PM, approved by Tom KD9BVC and Charlie N1CRR.

Brian Price WA2FAX