Meeting Minutes - August 9, 2018


Jersey Shore Amateur Radio Society

Business Meeting 9 August 2018

The meeting was called to order at 19:00 EDT.  The Pledge of Allegiance was said, followed by a moment of silence and roll call.

Secretary Matt de Rouville, K3MR, read the minutes from the July Executive Committee meeting.  Approval was moved by Joe, KD2NAY and seconded by Bill, KD2JBJ.  Matt then read the minutes from the July business meeting.  Rick, KC2VXI moved to accept the minutes, with a second by Glen, KD2FFR

Treasurer Joe Russo, KD2NAY, gave the treasurer’s report.  Bill, KD2JBJ, moved to accept the report, which was seconded by Dave, N2WCO.





Beginning Balance




Check Printing




Blue Claws Tickets




Food for Field Day




Other Income




Ending Balance





Charlie, N1CRR, gave the July net report for the Jersey Shore Amateur Radio Society Traffic Net,

·         Check-ins:  626

·         Messages in/out:  36/36

·         Total minutes:  475

·         Sessions:  31

·         Participants:  658

Charlie instructed Net Control Stations not to repeatedly try to respond to stations that were unreadable.  They should simply be ignored instead of spending time with operators that can’t make the repeater.  Bill, KD2JBJ and Brian, WA2FAX, moved and seconded approval of the net report.


President Tom Russell, KD9BVC, wished to thank Jim, WA2RJP, for his work in organizing the Blueclaws outing.  A round of applause followed.  A total of 29 members and guests attended the game. 


Tom, KD9BVC, informed the Society that he had received an application and dues from Dave Drapkin, N2PQW, who had participated actively in the Field Day operation.  His membership was approved after being moved by Joe, KD2NAY, and seconded by Charlie, N1CRR.

Tom also pointed out that there would be a VE license testing session the following Thursday, although no one had yet registered.  The Hamfest will be held on Sunday, 19 August, with one candidate for a licensing exam.

It was reported that the father of Don, K2HCW, had passed away.  Tom KD9BVC, stated he sent a condolence card in the name of the Society.

Jim, WA2RJP, recalled a time when the Society had a Sunshine Committee which was responsible for passing on the Society’s greetings or condolences for good or bad events in the lives of its members, as appropriate.  Pete, K3PMC moved that Steve, AC2ST, take this position, which was seconded by Rick, KC2VXI.

Jim also informed the Society that the 146.91 MHz repeater would have to move temporarily by the end of the month because of recoating work on the water tower currently used as its site.  One contractor will be responsible for removing and reinstalling all the antennae currently located on the tower.  We will have 24 hours’ notice to retrieve our equipment.  We currently have three potential sites that can be used on a temporary basis.  The tower work will last approximately three months.

Total Attendance was 19

The meeting was adjourned at 19:41 EDT after being moved by Bill, KD2JBj, and seconded by Bill, KD2MZM.


Submitted by Matt de Rouville