Meeting Minutes - November 8, 2018

Jersey Shore Amateur Radio Society

Business Meeting 8 November 2018

The meeting was called to order at 19:00 EST.  The Pledge of Allegiance was said, followed by a moment of silence and roll call.

Secretary Matt de Rouville, K3MR, read the minutes from the October business meeting.  Bill, KD2JBJ, moved to accept the minutes, with a second by Chris, K2HVE.

Treasurer Joe Russo, KD2NAY, read his report.  Dave, N2WCO, moved to accept the report, which was seconded by Cindy, KD2KNV.

Charlie, N1CRR, gave the August net report for the Jersey Shore Amateur Radio Society Traffic Net,

· Check-ins:  585

· Messages in/out:  31/31

· Total minutes:  434

· Sessions:  31

· Participants:  616

Charlie also noted he was looking for additional Net Control Stations.  Brian, WA2FAX, and Bill, KD2JBJ, moved and seconded approval of the net report.


Dave, N2WCO, noted that he had a list of restaurants providing free meals to veterans on Sunday, 11 November, in honor of Veterans’ Day.

Jim, WA2RJP, noted that work had not yet begun on removing the antennas from the water tower hosting the W2DOR 146.91 MHz repeater.  When the water company is ready to proceed, we will be notified to move our equipment.  The move should not last long.  We are all set to activate the repeater at an alternate site, including Echolink.

Brian, WA2FAX, noted that notice of the death of Larry Hilton, KC2UHJ, had not been posted on the website.

Matt, K3MR, thanked Brian, WA2FAX, for taking minutes at the October meeting when Matt couldn’t make it because of illness.

Jim, WA2RJP, noted that the packet cluster in Lakehurst was not working because of a bad hard drive.  He was ordering a new hard drive.  Echolink had been down on the 146.91 repeater because the computer had shut down, but was now running again.  A second computer controlling the repeater needed some work, such as returning the clock to announcing Standard Time.

Pete, K3PMC, thanked those who participated in the Makerfest.  We had received interest from Belmar Schools, Toms River Schools, the Boy Scouts, and Ocean County Library, although nothing had been worked out.  Tom, KD9BVC, also thanked those who showed up.

Chris, K2HVE, moved and Charlie, N1CRR seconded that those passing the JSARS’ VE tests for a technician license be offered a free Society membership until the end of the calendar year.  This was the third vote on this amendment to the by-laws.  A stipulation would be that this provision would be reviewed in January 2020 and a determination made as whether to keep or strike this policy.  The motion passed.


Tom, KD9BVC, mentioned that the 13 December business meeting would be short because that night would also be the JSARS’ Holiday Party.  A group picture will be taken and dues for the coming year collected.

Brian, WA2FAX, noted there would be no gathering in two weeks on 22 November, Thanksgiving.

Tom KD9BVC, suggested using Echolink for stations unable to get into the repeater.  He also expressed his thanks to Rick, KC2VXI, Jim, WA2RJP, John, N2RKV, and Charlie, N1CCR for their tireless work on the repeater.

Total Attendance was 17.

The meeting was adjourned at 19:34 EST after being moved by Brian, WA2FAX, and seconded by Jerry, KD2JGH.


Submitted by Matt de Rouville