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October 2006 Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the October 12, 2006 JSARS Business Meeting:
  • Pledge of Allegance
  • Minute of Silence for troops over seas
  • Roll Call
  • Reading of the Minutes from the September meeting
  • Motion to accept the minutes by Ed, WA2NDA, and seconded by Frank, K2IYE
  • Treasure's Report Presented by Valerie
  • Motion to accept the Treasure's report by Kevin, KC2NYQ, and seconded by Jim, KC2OUT
  • Old Business
    • Hamfest
      • Thank you to Frank of Cheapham.com for the donation of the door prize
      • Thank you to Brother Nick of the use of the hall
      • Thank you to all who helped
      • Frank (Cheapham.com) thanked all who helped pack up
    • Website
      • Thank you to Jamie Punderson, W2QO, for hosting the website