Meeting minutes July 13th 2019


Jersey Shore Amateur Radio Society

Business Meeting 11 July 2019

The meeting was called to order at 19:00 EDT by Charlie, N1CRR.  The Pledge of Allegiance was said, followed by a moment of silence and roll call.

Meeting minutes for June were read by Secretary Matt de Rouville, K3MR.  Approval was moved by Charlie, N1CRR, and seconded by Steve, KC2YQZ.

Treasurer Joe Russo, KD2NAY, gave the June treasurer’s report.  The report had Pauline, KD2NGS moving approval, with a second by Bill, KD2MZM. 

Charlie, N1CRR, presented the June report for the JSARS Traffic Net.

·         Check-ins:  553

·         Messages in/out:  37/37

·         Total minutes:  464

·         Sessions:  30

·         Participants:  583

Approval was moved by Bill, KD2MZM, and seconded by Joe, KD2NAY.

Old Business

Jim, WA2RJP, reported that antenna line for the Hooper Avenue water tower was installed that day.  All that was needed was for the contractor to test the installation.  Repeater staff will then move the 146.91 MHz repeater back to the location.

Pete, K3PMC, asked about the siding installation of the repeater building.  President Tom Russell, KD9BVC, stated the Society will not do that until all the contractor work has been completed to avoid any conflicts.  Tom also noted that the Echo Link problem had been fixed, and thanked Jim, WA2RJP; Rick, KC2VXI; Charlie, N1CRR; and Paul, WB2HHH for their tireless work on the repeater.

Chris, K2HVE, reported on Field Day.  We had 25 participants compared to 26 last year.  Although we had fewer contacts than last year, we earned more extra points for a total of 1218, as opposed to last years’ 820.  President Tom complemented Chris on an excellent job.  Charlie, N1CRR, asked if we would get more points for operating emergency power.  While we would not, we would be in a different category without so much competition.  Charlie, N1CRR, said he could bring a generator next year.

Pete, K3PMC, mention that Kurt’s (KD2RFY) boss showed up with his family, and they were impressed with the operation and amateur radio, especially the grandchildren who were able to make contacts under supervision.  Jim, W2JJF, was thrilled to make his first HF voice contacts.

President Tom, KD9BVC, noted that spaghetti dinner fundraiser scheduled for Saturday, 27 July, had been cancelled because of a conflict with another group using the building.


New Business

Kurt, KD2RFY, had information on a fundraising possibility with a group that will prepare roast beef dinners and pre-sell tickets.  Cost would be $15 a head.  Those interested in volunteering should contact him.

President Tom thanked Brian, NB2H, for his donation to the antenna project.  Then another ham, a former officer of the Society, showed up and made a donation, KA2ENK, Bill Rouski.  Tom also reminded attendees that we were still selling bonds to finance the project.

Increasing attendance at meetings was discussed.  Brian, WA2FAX, has a list of everyone who has checked into the JSARS Traffic Net.  Beginning in September, we will begin contacting people.  Brian will provide the list.  Dennis, KD2NAS, asked if we had a list of paid members, and he was informed we did.

Glen, KD2FFR, reported on two outreach opportunities coming up in the Fall.  The Toms River Regional Schools Makerfest will be held on Saturday, 12 October, followed by the Boy Scouts’ Jamboree on the Air the following week.  Glen, KD2FFR, moved we attend the Makerfest, with Pete, K3PMC seconding.  Glen, KD2FFR, then moved we participate in the Jamboree on the Air, with Charlie, N1CRR, seconding.

President Tom, KD9BVC, urged more people to take traffic when it comes to the net.  Charlie, N1CRR, said he could offer another class on handling traffic.

Roy, KD2CMS, moved that meeting be adjourned, which was seconded by Charlie, N1CRR.  The meeting was adjourned at 19:48 EDT.  Total Attendance was 16.

Submitted by Matt de Rouville