Jersey Shore Amateur Radio Society

Business Meeting 8 August 2019

The meeting was called to order at 19:00 EDT by Charlie, N1CRR.  The Pledge of Allegiance was said, followed by a moment of silence and roll call.  Jim, WA2RJP, then presided over the remainder of the meeting in the absence of President Tom Russell, KD9BVC, and Vice President Dennis Dzwonek, KD2NAS.

Jim introduced Jerome Townsend, District Program Chair for the Boy Scouts.  He was soliciting members to be counselors for the radio merit badge, who would have to register as adult leaders and go through the training program.  He also wanted to start a fishing program if anyone was interested.

Meeting minutes for July were read by Secretary Matt de Rouville, K3MR.  Approval was moved by Charlie, N1CRR, and seconded by Joe, KD2NAY.  Brian, WA2FAX, noted that minutes had not been posted on the website.  Jim, KB9JJR, who was responsible for this, had been having trouble accessing the website.  Brian suggested having someone local be able to do it.  Jim, WA2RJP, noted that the Application Management System used was Drupal.

Treasurer Joe Russo, KD2NAY, gave the July treasurer’s report.  The report had Ike, WB2BNB moving approval, with a second by Dennis, W2DDS. 

Charlie, N1CRR, presented the July report for the JSARS Traffic Net.

·         Check-ins:  564

·         Messages in/out:  32/32

·         Total minutes:  458

·         Sessions:  31

·         Participants:  595

Approval was moved by Bill, KD2MZM, and seconded by Ike, WB2BNB.

Old Business

Jim, WA2RJP, reported that antenna at the Hooper Avenue water tower was ready to go.  All the Society was waiting for was for the contractor to finish work and vacate the site.  This was expected to occur in the next ten days to two weeks.  Then, members would move the repeater and install the siding.

Glen, KD2FFR, reported he had registered with the Makerfest and was working things out with the Boy Scouts for our October activities with these organizations.  Kurt, KD2RFY, noted he was still waiting for information on the roast beef dinner fundraiser.


New Business

Three persons had applied for membership in the Society.  They are:

·         Frank Massimino, KD2PHC

·         Jim Bonanno, KD2PGJ

·         Tom McMurray, KD2SCD

After their introduction, approval was moved by Ike, WB2BNB and seconded by Chris, K2HVE, and all three were approved and welcomed into the membership of the Society.

Brian, WA2FAX, noted some upcoming events:  The Maryland-DC QSO Party and Worked All Europe CW DX contest, both of which were coming up that weekend, and the JSARS Hamfest on Sunday, 15 September.

Charlie, N1CRR, moved that meeting be adjourned, which was seconded by Brian, WA2FAX.  The meeting was adjourned at 19:35 EDT.  Total Attendance was 16.

Submitted by Matt de Rouville