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Meeting Minutes - January 2007

The minutes from the January 2007 JSARS Business Meeting:
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Moment of Silence for troops over seas
  • Roll Call
  • Acceptance of Minutes for December 2006 Meeting. Motion by Chuck, K2RXN, seconded by Don, WA2MHA.
  • Treasurer's report followed by a motion to accept by Rocky, N2YQS, seconded by Jim, KC2OUT.
  • New Members to the club were welcomed
  • Elections for Vice President and Trustee were held. Brother Nick counted the ballots. The results were that Jim, KC2OUT, was elected Vice President and Lloyd, N2KPC, as elected Trustee.
  • The club thanked Brother Nick for counting the votes.
  • Happy Birthday was wished to John, W2LKS.
  • Old Business
    • Winter Field Day is this weekend. JSARS will be participating from Riverwood
    • HamFest - We will be e-mailing dates to Brother Nick to check on availability
    • Toms River Founders Day will be June 2nd this year
  • New Business
    • Ed, WA2NDA, is going to be the new traffic net manager. Jim, W2HOG, has officially retired from JSARS. A round of applause was given to Jim for a job well done. The club has officially welcomed Ed as the new traffic net manager. Any reports, questions, or information requests can be e-mailed to ed at WA2NDA@Comcast.net.
    • Jim, W2HOG, also was the Sunshine committee for JSARS. He would send cards and check on ill club members.
    • The Tigercubs, young scouts, will be here the last Thursday of the month. All that would like to help out in demonstrating Amateur Radio to the scouts are invited to come and lend a hand.
    • Bob, N2LXL, would like to make a motion or mention that the club purchase a trailer to make a portable station for the club. The idea was tabled for later discussion when details on need, storage and other item can be worked out.
  • Motion to close the meeting made by Chris, KC2OWB, and seconded by Chuck, K2RXN.