Meeting Minutes - January 14, 2010

  • Pledge
  • Min of silence
  • Roll call
  • Minutes accepted K2IYE & KC2POT
  • Treasures report given and accepted KC2POT & K2IYE
  • Holiday Party was a huge success Thank You to all who helped and came to the party.

        Old Business:

  • Winter Field Day- JSARS will be holding Winter Field day the weekend of Jan 29-31. If interested please contact N2KPC. Lloyd will be at Riverwood starting Friday later afternoon till Sunday afternoon. All are welcome to attend.
  • Hamfest - Hamfest dates are set April 11, 2010 and August 8, 2010 both are Sundays.
  • Antenna Group- 4th antenna is underway for AA2SV. The group is also looking for wire for antennas. If you would like to donate or have inquires on what size wire please contact Brian WA2FAX. Anyone is welcome to join in for the making of the antennas , every Thursday.
  • Repeater; The repeater temp has been adjusted and the heat has been turned on inside the building. The new antenna has not been installed at the Lakehurst site yet due to weather.

       New Business:

  • Beverly City Schools have started a Radio Club. They are looking for a newer 2 meter 440 radio if anyone has one that can be donated please contact KC2ULS Gary.
  • Multi Media- The club is looking to purchase a projector for presentations or videos the club would need it for. We will be allotting $500.00 towards the purchase of the unit. If anyone knows of any good deals please contact Don K2HCW.
  • Valerie update: She is doing well she is home with Rocky. Rocky called her and we all said hello.
  • Meeting was closed
  • Christine and Ray