April 8, 2010

April 8, 2010

Meeting Minutes


Minute of silence

Roll Call

Minutes accepted as posted. K2IYE & N2RAI

Treasures report given and accepted.  K2IYE & WA2NDA

Hamfest: April 11, 2010 Ve testing 10 AM

Club t-shirts , jackets  and hats are available,  If you would like one please contact Valerie.

Repeater:  Weather is getting better, plans are going forward for antenna replacement at Lakehurst site.

Elections:  They are coming fast.  If you would like to nominate anyone for a position in the club board please contact Darleen.  Elections are held at the June meeting.  Dues run from Jan to December. Club board runs from June to June.

Meeting was closed: KC2WTJ & KC2MZV