May 10 2012

Meeting called to order 1945hrs
Pledge of Allegiance
Moment of Silence
Roll Call
Minutes of the April meeting accepted
Treasures report given by Darleen and accepted: JSARS did well with the Spring Hamfest
Field Day is June 22nd and 23rd – Steve AC2ST has volunteered as the Log Collector
 August 19th is the Summer Hamfest
Nominations will be held at the June meeting. Anyone wanting to run for a position, please contact Don or Darleen.
Brian WA2FAX nominated the currant board to stay.
The Garden State Radio Club will have their Hamfest Sunday June 13th in Tinton Falls
A group will be getting together at Riverwood Saturday June 12th for some antenna projects
This summer at Washington’s Crossing, the Boy Scouts will be getting together for a fox hunting event.
Four new members have applied and have been accepted into the club
May birthdays were honored
Meeting closed 2018hrs