September 13, 2012

September 13, 2012
Meeting called to order 1943hrs
Pledge of Allegiance
Moment of Silence
Roll Call
Minutes of the August meeting accepted by Charlie (N1CRR) and Richie (KC2ROJ)
Treasurers report given by Darleen and accepted by Frank (K2IYE) and Brian (WA2FAX) JSARS did well with the Summer Hamfest
 August 19th was the Summer Hamfest, and it went well
An agreement is being put together with United Water Co. so that we can have a climber replace the 220 repeater antenna and cable on the water tower at the corner of Rt 9 and Rt 70.
The Gloucester Co Hamfest will be September 16, 2012
OMARC will have their Hamfest on September 29, 2012
The Christmas party is December 13, 2012
Dues are due January 1, 2013
Rosters on the website will be updated quarterly
October 6, 2012 at Washington’s Crossing, the Boy Scouts will be getting together for a fox hunting event. The Scouts are looking for help to run the event.
Thank you to Frank (K2IYE) Cheapham for donating equipment to the Boy Scouts
One new member has applied and has been accepted into the club
September birthdays were honored
Meeting closed 2018hrs – Motion by Ed (WA2NDA) and Frank (K2IYE)