March 14, 2013

March 14, 2013
Meeting called to order 1940hrs
Pledge of Allegiance
Moment of Silence
Roll Call
Minutes of the February meeting were accepted by Frank W2IYE and Rich KC2ROJ
Treasurer’s report given by Darleen and accepted by Brian WA2FAX and Frank W2IYE
Old Business:  The JSARS Hamfest will either be late August or early September. It will be held at the Ocean County Agriculture Building on Sunset Ave in Toms River. 
Field Day will be the weekend of June 21st, 22nd, and 23rd at Riverwood Park.
New Business: Congratulations to Jason KC2ZEZ for receiving the H William West Memorial Award, and to Joe N2RAI for receiving a Special Recognition for his NORAD Santa Claus tracking every year.
Elections will be in June. We will start taking nominations during the April meeting. All positions are available.
Brian WA2FAX reminded all that the Greater Baltimore Hamfest in Timonium is April 6th.
Dennis W2DDS and Cathy will be accepting donations for the annual MS Walk April 14th at the Blue Claws Stadium in Lakewood.      
Vice-President:   The JSARS 146.910 repeater has been having some noise. Jim WA2RJP will go this coming weekend to take a look.
Thank you to Jim WA2RJP, Charlie N1CRR, and John N2QKV for climbing to the top of Hangar 1 at Lakehurst and fixing the 440 repeater and the packet. Both Antennas were damaged and down due to Super Storm Sandy.
Still awaiting for final agreement with United Water Co., so that we can have a climber set up the 220m antenna. The agreement is close to being done.
Trustee: Lloyd N2KPC will be teaching classes for new hams. He will also be teaching soldering and Code.
Boy Scouts do have an Amateur Radio Badge. So if you know of any scouts in need of help, have them contact Lloyd N2KPC.
New Members: Paul N2QXB and Gavin KD2CXZ- Welcome to the club!
March birthdays celebrated
Meeting closed at 2008hrs Brian WA2FAX and Joe N2RAI